Data analysis

Visual analysis: QQ-Plot, Cobweb
Fitting tests: Kolmogorov, Chi2
Multivariate distribution: kernel smoothing (KDE), maximum likelihood
Process: covariance models, Welch and Whittle estimators
Bayesian calibration: Metropolis-Hastings, conditional distribution

Probabilistic modeling

Dependence modelling: elliptical, archimedian copulas.
Univariate distribution: Normal, Weibull
Multivariate distribution: Student, Dirichlet, Multinomial, User-defined
Process: Gaussian, ARMA, Random walk.
Covariance models: Matern, Exponential, User-defined

Reliability, sensitivity

Sampling methods: Monte Carlo, LHS, low discrepancy sequences
Variance reduction methods: importance sampling, subset sampling
Approximation methods: FORM, SORM
Indices: Spearman, Sobol, ANCOVA
Importance factors: perturbation method, FORM, Monte Carlo

Functional modeling

Numerical functions: symbolic, Python-defined, user-defined
Function operators: addition, product, composition, gradients
Function transformation: linear combination, aggregation, parametrization
Polynomials: orthogonal polynomial, algebra

Numerical methods

Integration: Gauss-Kronrod
Optimization: NLopt, Cobyla, TNC
Root finding: Brent, Bisection
Linear algrebra: Matrix, HMat
Interpolation: piecewise linear, piecewise Hermite
Least squares: SVD, QR, Cholesky


  • 15 November 2017 OpenTURNS 1.10 released (Changelog).
  • 12 October 2017 OpenTURNS 1.10rc1 released (Changelog).
  • 19 July 2017 New otpod module for Probability of Detection for Non Destructive Testings (documentation).


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