[ot-users] Collection of the marginals distribution

ndiaye ndiaye at cerfacs.fr
Wed Jan 8 14:18:25 CET 2014

  I have a question on Open turns since i'm a new user of this code and 
about uncertainty quantification study.

  Indeed, I want to create a collection of the marginals distribution 
  my numerical sample of data that i know from experiments.
  The thing is I drew the CDF of my samples using kernel smoothing and 
now i
  want to create the collection of the marginals distribution linked
  (because i want to create the input random vector after that).
  More precisely I have :
  My sample file:

  Sample1 = NumericalSample.ImportFromCSVFile("frequence.csv")

  My CDF drawing :
  kernel = KernelSmoothing()
  kernelSmoothedDist = kernel.build(Sample1,True)
  print  "kernel bandwidth=" , kernel.getBandwidth()
  myBandwith3 = kernel.computeMixedBandwidth(Sample1)
  kernelSmoothedDist = kernel.build(Sample1, myBandwith3)
  kernelSmoothedCDF_Freq = kernelSmoothedDist.drawCDF()
  empiricalCDF =
  drawableEmpiricalCDF = empiricalCDF.getDrawable(0)

  And my marginal collection:

  collectionMarginals = DistributionCollection(#)
  collectionMarginals[0] = Distribution(kernelSmoothedCDF_Freq)

  I want to use it to create my inputrandom vector but it doesn't work.

  Do you have some suggestions?
  Thank you.

Aïssatou Ndiaye

PhD Student
42 av. Gaspard Coriolis
31057 Toulouse Cedex 01 - FRANCE
tel :
E-mail: ndiaye at cerfacs.fr

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