[ot-users] Complex function

ndiaye ndiaye at cerfacs.fr
Wed Jan 8 18:45:55 CET 2014


I have just one more question about open turns. In fact actually i want 
to define a numerical function with open turns. The problem is that my 
function is a complex one and look like:

y= Aexp(iwt)

Apparently openturns don't want to take into account the imaginary i 
that is way I receive an error when executing my script.

So my question is if open turns has a module which take into account 
complex number in this way. How far we can go in the study of input 
uncertainties I mean can we use open turns for high dimensionnal system 
with for example 30 input uncertainties.

Thank you.

Aïssatou Ndiaye

PhD Student
42 av. Gaspard Coriolis
31057 Toulouse Cedex 01 - FRANCE
tel :
E-mail: ndiaye at cerfacs.fr

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