[ot-users] Complex function

ndiaye ndiaye at cerfacs.fr
Wed Jan 8 21:43:46 CET 2014


Sorry but I didn't understand your answer very well. Indeed what you 
mean is to create 2 differents functions which will be then considered 
as imaginary and the other real?

Cause i determined my function as teh following:

inputFunc = Description( ("freq", "A", "t") )
outputFunc = Description( ("Output 1"), )
formulas = Description(outputFunc.getSize())
formulas[0] = "(A*cos(freq*t))"
formulas[1] = "(A*sin(freq*t))"
  print "formulas=" , formulas
myFunction = NumericalMathFunction(inputFunc, outputFunc, formulas)

IS it like this what you tried to explain to me?

Thank you.

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