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Anita Laera anita.laera87 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 23 12:16:39 CET 2017

Hi all,
I have two questions regarding a FORM analysis in OpenTURNS.

1) I get the probability of failure and the generalized reliability index

resultFORM = myAlgoFORM.getResult()
event_probability = resultFORM.getEventProbability()
reliability_index = resultFORM.getGeneralisedReliabilityIndex()

how are they calculated?

2) when plotting the error history, the number on the x-axis is the
iteration number which is different from the evaluation number, right? The
iteration number is the one I get from:
optim_results = resultFORM.getOptimizationResult()
iteration = optim_results.getIterationNumber()

Thank you for you time,
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