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regis lebrun regis_anne.lebrun_dutfoy at yahoo.fr
Wed Nov 29 08:15:19 CET 2017

 Hi Pamphile,
Could you please provide us a script that reproduce the error? It looks very strange, as this class is tested in more than 10 unit tests and is extensively used in industrial studies. BTW, ot.ComposedDistribution is by no means restricted to the independent copula as your comment could suggest.
Please note that it is not the physical space distribution which is checked by the GaussProductExperiment class, but the distribution defining the functional basis. You should use either OrthogonalProductPolynomialFactory or OrthogonalProductFunctionFactory to build your multivariate basis from 1D orthogonal bases to insure that the resulting multivariate distribution has an independent copula.
Please give me a feedback on this problem ASAP.

    Le mardi 28 novembre 2017 à 23:01:53 UTC+1, roy <roy at cerfacs.fr> a écrit :  
 Hi Regis,
On the 1.10, I get this error calling the FunctionalChaosAlgorithm:
  File "/Users/roy/Applications/miniconda3/envs/batman3/lib/python3.6/site-packages/openturns/metamodel.py", line 3849, in __init__    this = _metamodel.new_FunctionalChaosAlgorithm(*args)TypeError: InvalidArgumentException : Error: the GaussProductExperiment can only be used with distributions having an independent copula.
But this was working on 1.9. I do not understand the issue as the distribution is an ot.ComposedDistribution. I tried to explicitly add ot.IndependentCopulawithout any change.
Thanks in advance,

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